See Tim LIVE

Hey, it's Tim!

There are over 1,155,330 Beaches all over the World...and I invite you to join one of my LIVE experiences on one of these beaches!

You can join any Beach show worldwide spontaniously or just join the next experience on your favourite Beach nearby! :)

We also offer experiences on Private jet flights, exclusive bookings are possible (see details below). 

Currently we are figuring out the right payment provider for selling our tickets more conveniently, but there is a way to get your tickets early!

Just send a email to bookings @ for booking your ticket to the next Beach experience.

What? What do you do exactly, Tim? 

There are generally 2 options for you: One, music! Two, workshops and consulting!

Sometimes I love to help businesses and investors to turn their efforts into pure 25K Gold, and sometimes I give a music show.  

If you're one of my consulting clients, you get email invitations to every LIVE experience that I believe is Gold for you.  

As a Fan of my music, you gonna enjoy my LIVE shows on a handpicked beautiful Beach somewhere around the World!

Ok, let me tell you how it works, alright!?

First Step: You get your Ticket. It's a TIMELESS ticket, meaning you can enjoy ANY of my Beach experiences anywhere in the world!

That means, you decide spontaniously wherever you can join my Beach show!

There are also special Tickets, for example the Private Jet Experience Ticket, details on request.

 If you're a child or teen, invite your parents! Haha or at least, tell them that you fly to Tim's coolest Beach show ever  ;-)

Your Second Step: We tell you where and when exactly the next Beach Experience happens, and you decide to join or just wait for the next opportunity to see me Live! 

Please Note: Every Beach Show is usually limited to 33 Tickets due to the space available and to ensure the most Golden experience for you. 

Each Beach Experience with Tim is UNIQUE, even the specialty snacks and refreshing non-alcoholic beverages are handcrafted for you for that specific show! 

If you like, bring your bathshorts or bikini with you to dive into the Ocean right after the experience ! :-) 

Email to bookings @ to get your Ticket! 

Whenever you like to enjoy a private performance above the clouds in a Privatejet or just anywhere where the Ocean is near, let me know where you like to see me LIVE ! Applications via email to: bookings @ 

Ah, and by the way, sometimes I also enjoy playing on artificial Beaches! So, when you know bout a beautiful Beach-like place nearby, let me know and we see what we can make possible! 

You find me also on instagram @timsindy :) 


There are three types of investments: 

One, money.

Two, your body.

Three, your mind.

This is true as well for your private life and for the lifecycle of your business and investments.

I invest my consulting efforts solely into companies that I believe and trust in, favorable brands that are positioned as long-term assets.

My approach is simply Gold: We handpick the world's best solutions in each industry, the Goldnuggets of wisdom we've learned in one branch are transposed into all others, and we transform complexity into simplicity, implementing solutions always faster and more effective than possible.

Email me at bookings @ if you want to turn even the used toiletpaper of your employees into Gold.