Wie man sich als Investor und Unternehmer WEISE entscheidet

Eines Tages dachte ich über manche Sachen in meiner Vergangenheit nach, und war schokiert... ...okay, Schoko wäre lecker gewesen, aber nein, ich war zutiefst schockiert! Schockiert, weil mir diese Frage in meinen Kopf kam: Was will ich wirklich, wie kann ich möglichst viel Gutes in diese Welt bringen, und warum hatte ich bisher >>> reichtum weisheit gold

Why I skipped To-Do-Lists and do this instead to make tasks more effective, more fun and more profitable (Video inside)

Dear friend, I just thought about some of the things that I do daily...and suddenly I found a solution for any kind of stress, that erases many, many problems forever and is the exact OPPOSITE of what everyone else seems to do for saving time and make everything more profitable. Here's the quick video overview, the article below is far more >>> ease freedom simplicity

Do you want me to help you to enjoy your Golden lifestyle even more?

Dear friend, with my website I help thousands of investors, privatiers, but also entrepreneurs to find solutions and ways to simplicity and joy. If you got an invitation, you have also the opportunity to become a honored member of Tim's Gold, where you have access to continuously updated recorded audios, coaching videos and detailed Letters >>> wealth investment yoga

Egal was du heute machst: Ich kenne deinen Lebenslauf, und das hier hilft dir, ihn zu versch├Ânern

Es gibt 5 grundlegende Phasen im Leben eines jeden Menschen: 1. Du bestaunst als Kind die Welt und hast ein unendliches Urlaubsgefühl. In der 1. Phase erleben wir meist das Paradies, das wir Kindheit nennen. Die meisten von uns sind gesund, haben jeden Tag Spaß und wir lieben es, mit irgendwas zu spielen. 2. Du lernst Geld kennen. >>> reichtum spirituelles gold

Das wertvollste Investment, das Goldinvestoren manchmal ├╝bersehen

Lieber Freund, ich zeige dir heute, was das wertvollste Investment für dich sein kann, und warum es den Wert aller Edelmetalle auf dieser Welt weit übersteigt. Ja, vielleicht verrate ich dir nichts neues, doch ich bin dann eben der, der es nochmal laut hervorhebt: Das wertvollste Investment sind deine Glaubenssätze, dein Wissen >>> gold investment denken

The single most valuable asset that is overseen by most investors since thousands of years

I nearly couldn't believe what I saw, but it felt incredibly real. On this special day I asked myself, Maybe from now on, there are no special days for me anymore? Maybe now every day feels the same, and I'm just always filled with this joy? Of course, some days in my past were crazy, beautiful and funny, so all the other days felt different, >>> wealth investment ease

Wealth beyond Gold

A while ago, I was thinking about how I can create more wealth. Instantly, there came infinite ideas into my mind.  Investing, Bitcoin, Gold, renting my private jet, Trading, Creating value, founding or funding a startup, inventions...infinite opportunities to create more wealth, right? Then, I asked myself these questions: Maybe >>> wealth gold ease

How to decide wisely

One day, I thought about things that I've done in my past, and I was shocked. Shocked, because somehow this question came into my mind: What is it really that I want, what is it what I really can do good for the World, and why did I undergo so many unnecessary weird ways before, instead of just embracing simplicity? See, some people might >>> gold ease investment

How to live a simple life

Lovely reader, I decided today for some things that will change the whole course of how I help you. See, I write all this to help everyone who likes to be helped, and I enjoy a simple life with lots of nice conveniences. I technically don't need much stuff, because I enjoy an infinite state of joy. I don't need to achieve anything to just be >>> ease nutrition yoga