Everyone can live for Millions of years?

Is it possible that we all can live for Millions of years?

Some yogis say that certain immortals have lived for aeons, and that there were even cultures before us that knew how to stay alive for loooong periods of time.

How would that be managed?

Well, maybe first, by healthy nutrition.

Then, we can think about: What does our body really need out of that nutrition?

I've read, plants get their nitrogen out of the Earth, and we also need that Nitro to stay alive and well.

We currently get it out of nutrition and we breath it, as our air is nearly 80% Nitrogene! the other 20 %is mostly oxygene, and some other gases (carbon dioxide only 0,04% or such).

What if we can breath directly Nitrogen?

Wouldn't that make eating unnecessary, and maybe we all could skip the toilets some day lol?

Yogis practice pranayama, which actually means breathing in, breathing out and in between, breath retention, holding your breath for some minutes or seconds.

There are storys that some advanced yogis can even hold their breath for days or years!

Don't know what's so much about that, but I see a connection that we can maybe use to directly breath that Nitrogen inside the air, and our body can adapt to that?

That sounds maybe like science fiction to some, but I like to see such things in our future, wow!

Love ya


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