Tim Sindermann


How a small flie has shown me a secret

I just have followed a very small, cute flie on her journey through my kitchen!

And she was running along the wall...until she saw some stroke of a writing of mine!

I've written down there some notes, and she just touched it (the Edding color), hesitated, and then ran the other way!

She did this a couple of times, until she walked slowly and carefully over one writing that she couldn't get around.

I even tested it by writing a fresh stroke of Edding marker directly in front of her way!

One time, she had to run through it, and I was a little bit worried about her tiny legs, as this Edding color seems to be not good for flies!

Lol, I really love such cute little animals, and she has shown me: This carbon-based painting of those Edding markers that I used all the time for writing on whiteboards and walls, seems to not be very good or healthy for us living beings!

I still use it, but I will look up for alternatives...like never writing again???

Why do we even have to write something?
Can't we use our third eye to see everything as it is, and then, write something (like notes) in our mind only?

Whatever, this little being has inspired me!

I also tested it with Urine, lol...yes, you can look up on the internet about Urine therapy and such, even healthy people drink their Urine to look better (they said it's good for the skin and such).

Love ya


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