How to get over Carbs (carb free diet)

I've recognized, all carbs, especially wheat and sugar (artificial), are not really necessary for our bodys. BUT, we think it might be the case and we just like it because of the taste...until you have changed your lifestyle and habits, then your taste also changes.

But how to get over the carbs?

I've tested and experimented a lot, and now I see: You just leave them away a couple of days, until the hunger feeling is gone.

Then, you try some SPICES instead!

Yes, spices like pepper, salt, cinnamon, but NO sugar please.

If you like, try to eat solely spices on the first day already. You will recognize that we mostly run after the spices when we crave for a pizza or something similar.

If you split the ingredients of a pizza into all single ingredients, you will see - wow, we don't really need ANYTHING of it!

Besides the protein (pollo, meat or whatever) and some brokkoli, right?

And when you test and experiment on your side, you will learn so much more every day.

The spices alone help me to get over carbs, after I ate a little bit of black pepper, I realized: I don't want those mini pizzas anymore!

But, I still grabbed a bag of fries with mayonaise, to just enjoy the last of it.

Sometimes it may take you 3,000 tries, but one day, you succeed, always.

Make it GOLD !

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