List of Healthy SUPERFOOD (some may help healing cancer and inflammations)

This list of healthy food may help you in cancer/inflammations prevention and as a natural treatment for many other diseases, as many of these contain lots of anti-oxidants and such, and also carotin, to turn your body into a healthy alcalic/neutral state again and so on...just research about alcaline/alcalic/sattvic nutrition and experiment on your own risk!!! As always, I don't take any responsibility, as this is my private blog lol!

  • Ketogenic diet (Keto-diet / Keto-fast), which contains only lots of healthy animal Fats & minimal protein, that are broken down into energy instead of carbohydrates and such
  • Turmeric
  • ginger
  • Sauerkraut and FERMENTED vegetables like kale/cabbage, carrots, ginger...
  • mustard (without added sugar of course)
  • fruits that contain lots of CAROTINE (beta carotine or such), like carrots of course (have heard someone healed his cancer with carrot juice), Mandarines, physalis, Pumpkin?
  • Peppermint oil (didn't know that it even contains vitamins and such!)
  • ammoniumchloride (Salmiak, used in liquorice) (Like this one here or this one here)
  • mustard (with the least ingredients possible, and without added sugar of course)
  • Koreander (have read somewhere that it also helps against garlic stink, just like Kardamom lol!)
  • Kardamom
  • Ysop
  • Tart Cherries (Sauerkirschen) (here is an article about that)
  • Persian blue salt
  • Orange fruits (contain lots of Carotin!!!) like carrots, physalis, sanddorn, sweet potato, yolk from an egg (take ecologic eggs, the cheap ones R okay, but what they feed the chickens, we don't know lol), orange animals like Gambas (Garnelen, Black Tiger Garneles), Hummer, Salmon and such
  • Chicken! Chicken wings WITHOUT added ingredients (no sugar!) are actually anti-inflammatory as some article stated years ago, and I feel how it makes me feel better
  • chicken liver (contains lots of carotin or a similar stuff)
  • Apple cider (Apfelessig)
  • Peppermit oil (contains even some vitamins, is very cooling and such)
  • Ocean sea salt, unrefined, untouched and the grains as big and natural as you can get them
  • Himalaya salt and just mountain rock salt
  • in many forums and on blogs, some say, Natron (baking soda with just the ONE ingredient, natriumcarbonat) combined with Molasse / molat has helped them a lot, maybe also dissolved in water
  • for making alcalizing water, buy a osmosis-device that turns normal water into healthy, alcalic water which is a little bit like destilled water (I've drunk destilled water a lot, it isn't deadly I found out, but experiment on your own please, and ask parents/doctors first, no risk okay!)
  • Moringa leaf (oleifera, powdered or fresh)
  • Sauerkraut juice (can also be self-made by just putting white cabbage or any cabbage/kale into a glass bowl, slightly closed and filled with water til top)
  • Marmite? Don't know what it does to your body, but I like it
  • Then, I've also read that cryotherapy helps tremendously against inflammation symptoms and such (see here an example or here something about cancer treatments with cryo), I personally LOVE to jump into cold pools or oceans!
  • And you know what? Laughing hard all day also gives you healthy feelings and raises the frequency of your body! Some ancient traditions (the Vedantic spiritual things e.g.) say, laughing much and just being happy all the time gives you lots of ojas, for me, it helps superb to stay strong and healthy!
  • Urine therapy: Eat & drink fresh, living and green, starving away all artificial sugar & carbs, drink more and more your own urine, until you love it so much that it feels better than eating, then I've heard from someone that it helps tremendously to drink that Urine until everything is healed, but do everything under medicinal supervision and such, I have no clue what might help you in your specific case
  • Papaya Seeds! They taste a bit like Kaviar or Salmiak! And, in the Papaya itself is probably lots of carotin, look how orange a Papaya is
  • Pumpkin seeds?

Enjoy! :)

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