What kind of content should you publish in your business?

This question was asked by many people that I met in my business life...probably you also?
Doesn't matter if you're a student, Investor or entrepreneur, at some point you ask for sure, What kind of content should I publish, and what is nonsense that I should never do?
I asked myself this question very often.
Infinite beautiful things, that I had online on the Internet, I just deleted them one day!
Some of them I would love to take back into reality, while others are really better off not being online anymore haha!
Today I asked myself this important question again and again, because I publish many different kinds of content.
Videos, Music, Talks, Pictures, Articles, Books...just everything.
This day, my MUSIC hit me right into my heart again and I thought,
Tim, should you just focus solely on music and just let everything else fall away?
There were some months where I produced only music, but then I deleted lots of stuff again, just because it didn't feel like it suited into my direction.
I love music ssooooo much!
But I also love it deeply, to explain and show other people things that might help them, and in these times I thought you can't reach enough people by just music alone - well, today I know better.
There are really people out there who don't listen to music!
Can you imagine that?! I can't, besides, of course, the music of the Ocean!!!
And I just love also to talk about Wealth, Gold and my experiences as adventurer, business owner and musician.
For example, I published some books, that help my readers to leave their fears behind, to become an entrepreneur from scratch (or get a better business owner in what they do) and to find life goals and fullfill them.
Over and over, I thought, should I leave them online or should I take them off from the market?
But now, here is my final decision for the next years:
I can publish EVERYTHING that I like to, as long as it gives YOU something GOOD.
For example, some of my recent books are coaching books that explain something to the reader.
I also love fictional stories, for example, funny stories for children!
So I write them, once I feel like doing that.
There is a GOLDEN insight that came suddenly into my mind, that could also be true for you?
Here it is:
At Some day, Everything you've every done, is just dirt, or GOLD.
You alone will decide, what is dirt or Gold for you.

But maybe...some people find in your "dirt" also some beautiful, shining goldnuggets?
Now you are free to decide:
Publish just everything you want and let the people decide if they see some Gold shining through.
Or, you publish nothing at all, until everything is as perfect as you love it...
...but the people will still call something you did "dirt", and some other stuff they'll call "Gold".
There are wonderful musicians, that produce really genius, outstanding, and simply perfect music!
Maybe you remember some...Prince for example!
And music is a great example!
Because I am also a musician, I continiously asked myself this question:
Which music should I publish, and which music is not ready for the public?
Which music is really beautiful, and which music doesn't fit into the big picture?
How can we even decide such things for sure??
I don't know.
But what I know, EVERY music CAN be beautiful for SOMEONE.
Even music that I would describe as awful, cruel, some people might love such music!
And that's totally okay, as long as they play those music somewhere else lol!
By the way, as a Singer, I have heard thousands of times these opposites about my voice:
Some said to me, "You can't sing, this soungs like a flying cat!",
but others said, "Hey Tim, you should give instantly shows everywhere in the world, everyone would just fell in love with you!"
During the years of my Internet experiences (in my businesses), I have learned that even the worst content made by you, is still worth to just leave it online.
At first, some might laugh about what you do...but a couple of years later, exactly the SAME people will dance and scream on YOUR show, or buy stuff from YOUR website, things that were laughable for them a couple of moments before.
Here comes a BUMMER for you:
Everything you do today, will be dirt, or Gold.
You alone have the power to decide, what you want to see as dirt, and what is Gold for you.
Maybe people will find in your pile of dirt a lot of Goldnuggets?
Now it's your turn:
How do YOU decide?
How everything in your life becomes instantly WISDOM (and more profitable than ever)
Many successful investors say, timeless, long-term decisions are far more profitable than quick decisions.
They are probably right, at least guys like Warren Buffet (billionaire investor) seem to do this in the right way.
What can you learn from people like him and why does it also hit you if you're not even an investor?
Here is a question that I ask myself constantly since a couple of months, and everything in my whole life, business and personal, became a thousand times more effective and joyful.
I asked,
What would I do when I had 3,000 years to live?
This question is insanely valuable and can really change your life, daily.
Simply because if you overthink everything you do daily with just this one question, you will see so much more opportunities for a better way, a better lifestyle and more wise action you can do.
Sometimes we seem to decide too quick, and only based on an outcome that we want to have NOW, right?
I'm on my way to leave all those quick results behind me, but some people might still struggle with this daily.
But the moment when you ask this one question above, it becomes instantly EASY to leave things behind.
Of course, some of you might not live for over 3,000 years...I get it.
Some might find a way to really do this, by spiritual or magical, or simply, biological secrets that are not known by the public yet.
But if you're still a mortal human being, then this question helps you simply with your IMAGINATION.
Imagine you really would live for 3,000 full years instead of those tiny 100 years.
What would happen?
Of course, you would be forced to hide away and take up a new personality at one day, as many people might wonder why you're still alive after 297 years and still looking like a 20-something, right?
But what would you do differently in your daily, personal life?
How would you decide in your business, at your school or at your workplace?
Some things are really fun, but many of the funny things of 'normal' people are mostly based on things that are GONE tomorrow, right?
The moment you think about living for 3,000 years, everything becomes far more MAGICAL.
At first, you might overthink some partys and meeting certain people, cause you might see, they aren't really your friends, or those partys aren't really good for your health.
Or, you overthink going to school (or letting your children going through the 'normal' education route)...and might replace that by reading books filled with wisdom and business.
Maybe you get a new sense about time as a whole?
That's what happened to me, as I have this question always right in front of me.
I do things always with my full attention and don't care much about time.
Doesn't matter if something doesn't work out the first try, cause I got infinite tries.
Remember, 3,000 years!
I'm never disappointed anymore if something doesn't come instantly to me.\par
I mean, how could I?
3,000 years!
Somebody says no to my offer? Somebody doesn't like what I do?
3,000 years...so there're infinite people who will say YES at some days!
You don't get this perfect deal done?
Your parents or friends don't like to do the same things as you want?
3,000 years!
Just be patient, and thousands of new chances come to you by itself :-)
Maybe we don't have 3,000 years to live.
Maybe we do have even MORE than 3,000 years to live?
Whatever might be the case for you, YOU will be acting far more WISE by just assuming that YOU can live for 3,000 years.
And you know where WISDOM leads you to?
Right, to more money, better health, more happiness and joy...and to a more beautiful world.
I wish you the best day ever!
stay Gold.

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