Book Recommendations for Health

"Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth" - Peter Kelder "When Gods drank Urine" In this little article I will also continue to share in the future what kind of books I would recommend you for health, healing &

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How to fast the right way (Fasting for Pros)

Once you have started with Fasting, there is a little bit hunger comin up. a Then, maybe you feel like me, and feel like there is a fire below, flamin upsides. Also, I couldn't breath normally, as I still had a little cough here and there, but I felt that being a little bit "breathless" is actually a good sign, which disappeared after those 3-5

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List of Healthy SUPERFOOD (some may help healing cancer and inflammations)

This list of healthy food may help you in cancer/inflammations prevention and as a natural treatment for many other diseases, as many of these contain lots of anti-oxidants and such, and also carotin, to turn your body into a healthy alcalic/neutral state again and so on...just research about alcaline/alcalic/sattvic nutrition and experiment on

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How to reinvent your life

Here are 3 Steps to reinvent your life, at least for me, it works anytime!   Step 1: Experiment with EVERYTHING that feels good to do, and remember what you really love Step 2: Use your imagination: Picture a perfect archetype superman (or supergirl ;-) ) model, that you want to be. What do you represent? How does your perfect dream look

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